The Velvet Room

Locked away in a realm beyond time and space, lies the Velvet Room. This strange place is where the Mysterious Merchant resides, along with his protege, Elizabeth. From here he guides those chosen by fate and assists them on their way selling them an array of special items and skills.

The Mysterious Merchant


Replacement doll: 5 FXP
-Shatters when you die, leaving you alive

Talisman: 5 FXP
-Shatters when you fail a saving throw, making you pass

Aries Elixir: 5 FXP
-Your next attack is a guaranteed success

Tarot Draw: 5 FXP
-Take a free draw from the tarot

Life Stone: 5 FXP
-Heals 50% of max HP

Chakra Stone: 5 FXP
-Recalls a spell slot equal to one half your character level

Panacea Bottle: 10 FXP
-Drink to heal all status ailments

Miracle Gel: 10 FXP
-Eat to full heal HP and revive.

Hourglass: 20 FXP
-Time stops for the party and everyone can take an extra turn. (no offensive actions allowed)


Steal: 10 FXP

  • Mug: 15 FXP
    Throw item: 10 FXP
  • Mix Potion: 15 FXP
    Dart: 10 FXP
  • Elemental Edge: 15 FXP
    Cover: 10 FXP
  • Guard: 15 FXP
    EX Skill: 10 FXP
  • DX Skill: 15 FXP
    Auto Potion: 15 FXP
    Scan: 15 FXP


The Room of the Mind

Bed of Dreams: 20 FXP

Shelf of memories: 20 FXP

Chest of Wonders: 20 FXP

Pool of the Soul: 20 FXP

Her Collection

Melvis Desley, King of Insults
The Perfect Wife. With Crossbows for Legs
You Should get a Bigger Bow

The Velvet Room

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