"The Oni" Shale Jukinzoku



Hello and welcome to Behind the Music, we had the chance to speak with vocalist and amazing guitarist of BabyMetal. Ashe “the Oni”

How did you come by the nickname oni, you’re originally from Felena, right?
Oh yeah, born and raised, the name came from the Yokai creatures with big horns. It was given to me by my band mate and adopted sister Kazuko when we were kids she loved my horns, and would decorate them with all sorts of stuff.

Cool, who taught you how to play with such skill and emotion?
I learned the basics from my father, he was a pretty amazing guitarist. After he died i started to teach myself with help from Bishop and the girls. I also inherited his very special guitar! I call her Freya. Emotion is something you put into the guitar yourself it can’t be taught.

I always wondered how you can play that double guitar?
well a lot of practice and a tail that can get at the farther strings helps a lot, it took me a long long time to go from the guitar part to the bass, it was easier for me and Wakana to write songs without as much bass ha ha ha ha.

You guys must has written a lot of songs for your Tykera tour
It was so much fun, travel the land with family and do what we love, it was on most part to get our name out there and travel.

What was the best place you guys played?
Well i loved playing for the Trans Eisengradian Orchestra, but i really wanted to play for Cyrus himself, The best? was easily The Gathering at the Great Plateau! During my solo a cheif rushed the stage and i set him on fire, that apparently made me a hero and they loved it. They kept toasting to me hahaha. Man, Bishop yelled at me for hours.

Wow, was Bishop that strict?
Well the man was our guardian father figure, our manager, and protector. He is the greatest man this world has to offer! Love you Bishop, miss you!

Awesome, so what is BabyMetal up to now?
Right now we are taking a little break, Wakana, Kazuko, and Bishop went back to Felena, and i thought I would stick around here. Do some shows here and there. We met an amazing rocker Mio! She let me join up with her for a while. I will be in Koln doing what i love!

Fantastic, I will be sure to check that out! Now there was something I really wanted to get to. Some time ago there was a huge rumor that you and Lucca Blight had a thing? Let us set the record straight as we have you here
……yeah, I still don’t know how or why that became a thing….but the fact I am still alive means it probably didn’t happen, right!!! Bishop made me weary of The Scarlet Kingdom, and now I am REALLY nervous about it! I hope he never heard it! AAAND with that i am gone, ok see you later! Come see me in Brionac, hanging out at the Cerberus Dirge BYE!

"The Oni" Shale Jukinzoku

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