“As long as the concept of an ‘other’ exists, so shall war.”

The World of Gaia is a world where magic and technology have sewn seamlessly into one another. Where powerful magi stand side by side with musketeers, and where mighty airships and trains powered by magitechnology travel across the planet. And it is a world where ancient magical Warp Gates connect an ever shrinking world. But it is also a world seeped in a dark history of warfare.

Wars are a constant on the world of Gaia, but every few generations a war of profound importance occurs. A war so massive it threatens to rock the foundations of the world around it and forever change the landscape and the tide of politics and history. And the current war that is raging across Western Tykera may be this new Great War.

What started out as simple border disputes between the nation of Brionac and the Fey of the Phantom Forest has grown to encompass most of Western Tykera and even powerful nations in southern Ryuon as well.

When the disputes with the fey began to grow more fearsome, Brionac called in their allies, Scarlet Moon. Soon afterwards an alliance between Harmonia and the Fey was brokered. As the war continued to heat up Brionac purchased more and more weaponry from the New Cyndar Empire, despite their claims of neutrality. Fearing the inevitable declaration of war from the New Cyndar Empire, and after many months of secret talks with Falena, New Cyndar’s consistent enemy, Harmonia launched a surprise pre-emptive attack against them.

Tenstions continue to grow across Tykera and Ryuon alike, as more and morte people wonder who will be dragged into the conflict next.


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